Disability Insurance for Angina

Published: 19th June 2011
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: Angina is a serious heart condition and if not diagnosed and treated on time, it could cause heart attack. There are very few companies which provide disability insurance for angina.

Angina is a heart condition in which the pain emanates from the chest, and the patient experiences discomfort due to lack of oxygen. There are three types of Angina called Stable Angina, unstable Angina, and Microvascular Angina. Stable angina is the chest pain which occurs when there is some kind of physical activity which exerts the chest muscle. The pain remains for a short period of time and will subside once the person has taken rest or a mild dosage of prescribed medicine.

Unstable angina does not occur frequently. It can occur without any physical exertion and sometimes can be an indicator of heart attack. One has to be careful when this type of pain occurs. Unlike Stable angina, this one is unpredictable. The cause for Microvascular Angina is still to be determined, though the suspicion is on the bad functioning of blood vessels.

What causes Angina?

Since there are three types of Angina and all three have different causes and symptoms, the known common cause is exertion of heart muscles. Angina is also caused due to emotional stress, so it is advisable to keep oneself relaxed. Other factors that add to the cause of Angina are Diabetes, smoking, Hypertension, lack of exercise, and obesity.

What are the symptoms of Angina?

A person afflicted with Angina typically experiences heaviness in the chest, burning, breathlessness, vomiting, and sweating. The pain usually occurs in the left arm, neck, and shoulders. Increase of heartbeat and blood pressure going high are also symptoms of Angina.

What are the complications of Angina?

Angina should be treated on time, especially Stable Angina. Stable Angina if not treated on time can turn into Unstable Angina. This would put the risk of heart attack to a higher level. Angina can also cause the heart tissue some damage due to lack of oxygen, which is very serious.

How does Canadian Disability Corporation help you to get disability insurance?

Canadian Disability Corporation is one the efficient companies which helps Canadians with any form of disability, physical or mental, to collect disability insurance on your behalf. In case you have Angina and you havenít been able to work for a long period of time, you can collect disability insurance from the Canadian Government. They help you not only go through all the process of claiming the insurance, but also get disability tax benefits from the government.

The Canadian Disability Corporation helps individuals suffering from personality disorders to get disability tax credit that they are entitled to from the Government.

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